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Dominate the baseball diamond.

Hudl helps thousands of coaches, athletes and teams maximize their potential. Now we're bringing that know‑how to the ballpark.

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Let Hudl do the heavy lifting.

Save time with clipped video on every play and see coachable moments come to life.

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Uncover deeper tendencies.

Develop an edge over the competition with filterable data synced to video over multiple games and seasons.

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Stay ahead of your opponents.

Scout opponents, review past performances and study new data to build stronger, winning game plans.

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Bring lessons to life.

Help athletes visualize their plays, abilities, and skills with video–from the app or the platform.

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Harness the value of film.

Athletes and coaches grow together when they can harness the power of video review.

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Easily record your games.

Use your phone, tablet or video camera to record your games.

Hit record and let it run, no need to stop between innings.

Upload your film to your account and review on any device.


Connect your stats to video, automatically.

Save hundreds of hours each season with game breakdowns from our experts.

Uncover more tendencies with data connected to video.

Receive stats in 12-24 hours.

Hudl Assist data points for baseball.


Hit Type

Batting Result

Pitcher Info

Swing Type

Base Running

Pitch Result


Batter Info

Hit Location


Make tough coaching conversations easy.

Deliver objective feedback through video and stats.

Draw and comment on every clip with editing tools.

Create and share playlists with your team for team or individual feedback.


Get your players noticed.

Free, comprehensive athlete profiles with highlight feel creation tools.

Players can quickly share academic and athletic achievements with recruiters.

Explore, rank and contact colleges directly, all in one platform.

Stay updated on the newest trends.

Let’s get in touch.

Talk to an expert about how you can bring video and data to your team.